PREVIOUSLYINTRODUCING: The New ‘Henchman of Justice’ Rules


Former Fifth District Supervisorial candidate and blogorrheic Internet commenter Jeffrey “Henchman of Justice” Lytle was arrested for assault yesterday, a Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson has confirmed.

According to Lt. Steve Knight, Lytle was arrested after getting into a “neighbor dispute” on the 1600 block of Bartow Road in McKinleyville. A 45-year-old woman at that address called the Sheriff’s Office at around 2 p.m. to report that Lytle had slammed her hand into a gate after confronting her over the number of visitors to her home.

Sheriff’s Office personnel responded and documented an injury to the woman’s hand. Her story was further corroborated by two witnesses — friends who had come to visit.

Lytle also reported that he was assaulted by the woman, and deputies documented two minor injuries to his leg. The woman was not arrested.

Knight said that the dispute seemed to arise over Lytle’s reading of a neighborhood covenant he claims is in effect for the block in question. The covenant, he told deputies, limits the number of visitors residents are allowed to have, and he claimed the victim was in violation.

Technically, Knight said, Lytle was placed under citizen’s arrest by the victim, as officers did not witness the alleged crime.


UPDATE: Props to the Mad River Union for scoring an up-to-date mug of the Henchman.