Above: Big news.

Today in the passing interest file, British megatabloid Daily Mail is attempting to entice readers with the salacious newz that 16-year-old celebrithing Kylie Jenner — apparently she’s like an honorary Kardashian — was seen wearing (are you ready?) the same sweatshirt that her 15-year-old boyfriend Jaden “Will’s son” Smith was wearing at Fatburger earlier this month. !!!. We’re not exactly sure why this is news — maybe the implication is that if teenagers are swapping clothes it means they were undressing together, information that probably interests someone. Speculate away. 

Why the hell are we, your favorite, reputable small town blog gizmo, bringing up something so trivial?! Well! Because the article of clothing in question is a Bear River Casino sweatshirt. And that establishment, as we know, is in our county. And that is actually slightly unique. Are you excited yet?

But if the Lost Coast Outpost could address specifically Bear River Casino for a moment. Question: are casinos interested in making money? Thought so. K. You’ll want to be ready for the heavy increase in celebrities you’ll be hosting due to this recent exposure. Most impotantly, note the alteration the junior Mr. Smith made to his now famous top. See that? Now head to the sweatshirt rack and get to cuttin’. Play this hand correctly and “BRC halfies” will dominate the red carpets of multiple teen awards shows for weeks to come. 

Good luck.