The mania for secession persists and increases amongst our landlocked neighbors across the Coast Range. In the last few days, one member of the state assembly got the jump on the competition by announcing his candidacy for the governorship of America’s 51st state. Jeffersonistas lost a 3-2 vote at the Redding City Council, prompting Facebookers to brandish their virtual pitchforks against those who would malign the movement. [CORRECTION: The assemblymember actually announced quite a while ago.]

Eminent statesmen from the land of Jefferson will be bringing their pitch to the Samoa Cookhouse Wednesday afternoon. According to the video near the bottom of this post, they’re not too sure about we Humboldters. The deepwater port identified as the thing that will buoy the Jeffersonian economy is not Humboldt Bay but Crescent City

That’s a lot of responsibility for a teensy fishing harbor, given the amount of buoying that this capsized ship is going to require. Over the weekend, Bruce Ross of the Redding Record-Searchlight crunched some numbers. In a post titled “How would Jefferson pay the bills?”, Ross breaks down the property, income and sales tax collected per capita in each of current-California’s 58 counties, and shows conclusively that we northerners are filled with deadbeats.

Check out Ross’ handy map. Red equals below the state average in tax collection, blue equals above. The darker the red, the deader the deadbeat:

Still interested? Below is a speech from Mark Baird, the Thomas Paine of the Jefferson movement, who will be at the Samoa Cookhouse Wednesday at noon to give his pitch to Humboldtians. He claims to have never met a single person who opposes secession from California. He also reiterates the eccentric Jeffersonian obsession with AB 1266, the bill — recently signed into law — that gives transgender teens the right to identify as the sex of their choice in school.

But Baird does seem like a nice enough guy, and not completely detached from reality. Scroll down below the video for meeting details.

Press release from Jefferson booster Brent Sherman:

For journalists and newsrooms interested in reporting on the topic, there will be two local meetings next week.


A presentation by Mark Baird about the possibility of a declaration vote by your county supervisors to declare that California is Un-governable in its present size and to determine local resident support for eventual discussion with state legislature to withdraw your county from the State of California. This is not a movement to secede from the US, but to create the 51st state of Jefferson, which would need approval by vote from California’s legislature, and from US Congress.


Tuesday, October 8th at 6pm

Del Norte Fairgrounds
421 U.S. 101 
Crescent City, CA 95531


Wednesday, October 9th at Noon

Samoa Cookhouse
908 Vance Ave
Samoa, CA 95564