To those impatient for the Humboldt Bay Eagle Cam to show a hatchling or two bumbling about the nest, local wildlife photographer Talia Rose has taken photos of a tiny eagle offspring in the Benbow area of Southern Humboldt.

For several years, Rose has watching the Benbow area for eagles. Year before last a mated pair hatched and raised an eaglet but last year eagles were unsuccessful in nesting. To Rose’s delight though, this year the nest has been put to good use. About a week ago, Rose hiked to the nest area and spied a hatchling peeking over the edge. The above photo was taken recently when Rose brought a three foot long lens to the area to capture shots of the tiny inhabitant.

She doesn’t know how old the baby was at that time she first went up but she believes, “it was pretty new.” This eaglet, she says, is the first confirmed hatch in Humboldt County.

Ha! Take that, Humboldt Bay eagles… . On the other hand, the Bay nest has two eggs.

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