See our earlier report on law enforcement action on Par Avenue yesterday here.

Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department Press Release:

On 7-31-14 at about 1:00 P.M. Deputies from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office responded to a residence in the 500 block of Par Avenue, Redway, in regards to a theft of utilities complaint. The water service district reported discovering water being illegally diverted from the main water line of one residence to another adjacent residence.

When deputies arrived to investigate they located four (4) adults on the property and evidence of the utility theft and marijuana cultivation. A search warrant was obtained. Deputies searched the residence and located 1,249 marijuana plants, a butane hash lab, marijuana cloning room, over $5,000 in currency, methamphetamine, one assault rifle and ammunition.

Arrested at the scene were: Alex Hydreos (age 40), Suzanne Crellin (age 44), Lisa Lee (age 48) and Katrina Gimlin (age 30).

Hydreos was arrested for violations of PC 498(b)(1-5), HS 11358/11359, HS 11379.6, PC 29800(a)(1) and five outstanding arrest warrants.

 Alex Hydreos

Crellin was arrested for violations of HS 11377, HS 11378, HS 11358/11359 and PC 148(a)(1).

Suzanne Crellin

Lee was arrested for violations of HS 11358/11359.

Lisa Lee 

Gimlin was arrested for violations of HS 11358/11359. 

Katrina Gimlin