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Maybe LoCO is just in a mourning mood today. Lots o’ nostalgia in the atmosphere, it seems. Also, maybe we’re hungry.

Whatever the reason, this week’s Humboldt Approved asks you to access your tastebud’s happiness archives. Remember the things you used to love to go out and eat? Think hard. Feel past yums. OK. You got it? Now, of all the local food you used to salivate for which do you miss the most? 

Remember, in order to have your dumb vote count in our dumb polls you need to follow the dumb directions. Don’t be dumb. Read on:

To vote, look through the comments of this Humboldt Approved poll. If someone has already nominated the answer you would give for this week’s category, click the upvote arrow. If you don’t see your desired Humboldt Approved answer nominate it in a comment for others to upvote. (Please be careful to not duplicate answers; redundant answers will be deleted and potential associated upvotes will be lost.) Feel free to make your case by replying to/cheering on the answer you love most, but again the number by the arrows on the initial nomination is what counts.

You can vote for as many nominees as you deem worthy but, of course, the more you do that the more watered down your initial vote becomes. That’s math.

We reserve the right to delete superfluous/lame comments that make the voting/comment section hard to sift through. Please try not to get offended when your comment battle reply is deleted. We’re trying to do something here.

While many weeks we look for two winners — one winner from the metropolises of Eureka and Arcata, and one from Humboldt’s smaller communities — due to the nature of this category, this time we’re gonna limit it to one. Voting closes next Friday at noon and soon after a winner will be declared.

OK! Go forth and honor a restauranteur that doesn’t really need the PR boost anymore! 

(Above: Who remembers this once popular Fifth Street establishment?)