The California legislature can’t seem to agree on a bill to regulate medical marijuana. Earlier this year Sen. Tom Ammiano’s AB 1894 failed in the Assembly, and today comes news that a competing, cop-backed bill, SB 1292, was blocked in the committee stage.

There was a renewed push for statewide regulations of growers and dispensaries after the Obama administration’s 2013 announcement that it would lay off states that have strict rules of their own. 

But SB 1262 was held back today by the Assembly Appropriations Committee, meaning it’s all but impossible that it will be resurrected before tomorrow’s deadline to pass bills out of fiscal committees.

The bill’s sponsor, Sen. Lou Correa, D-Santa Ana, told the Sacramento Bee, ““What happened today was the folks that want to preserve the wild, wild west – meaning those that want it to be totally unregulated, want it to operate without any regulation or oversight – won the day.”

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