We can’t wait to read your suggestions. 

Film Commission Press Release:

“Pitch 5 Productions, a Los Angeles-based television company that specializes in non-fiction and reality-style series for cable, is looking for unique people, workspaces and communities around which we can build a TV show.

Many of the most successful ideas for series revolve around a business that embodies excitement or the potential for danger and features entertaining employees and clients. 

We are also looking for families or communities that are devoted to or defined by a compelling purpose or ongoing goal. This purpose might be a unique business or unusual ways of making a living.

Ideally, the characters in these businesses, families and communities should be larger than life, even (slightly) crazy but highly appealing personalities. TV ratings prove that audiences are looking for big, entertaining characters that are lots of fun – it seems like these people can be an attraction to visitors to your region.

These are very general criteria, but we’re interested in seeing what the people of Humboldt and Del Norte Counties might think are the most entertaining, eccentric and involving businesses and people in their part of the country. Anyone with a suggestion should feel free to email me at donovanjacobs442@yahoo.com.”