The Humboldt County Kinetic Sculpture community is grieving the loss of Rutabaga Queen Judy Lewis, 75, who was killed in a very bad car crash on Highway 299 outside Junction City Saturday.

Lewis was a teacher for Eureka schools for many years, and was a committed advocate for spay and neuter programs.

In her Kinetic alter ego — “Pigtunia Swineheart” — she was the only Rutabaga Queen to be twice crowned, in 1984 and 1985. She had been living in Redding at the time of her death, but she maintained strong ties to Humboldt and had a loving Kinetic family.

“She was a very sweet lady who welcomed all new Queens to the Kinetic Universe,” fellow queen Monica Topping told the Outpost. “She loved how involved the Queens got in the last decade or so.”

“She brought her grandchildren to Kinetics and loved introducing them to all the Kinetic royalty and racers,” added Natalie Arroyo. “She also loved the antics of the younger generation and embraced the many changes to the Ball and the Race throughout the years.”

“Judy was just as good at partying as she was at making honest human connection,” said Emma Breacain. “She was vivacious and gracious, and I look forward to living the lessons I learned from her.”