UPDATE, Feb. 13:: Cheryl Gunderson writes:

Yesterday at 4:00 Adam received a phone call from a friend that he had found his car! The stereo, speakers and camera were missing, as were the windshield wipers! Go figure…??? But the car is in good condition. It was found by the Beau Pre Golf Course, just a couple of blocks from home.

Thanks to our terrific community for keeping their eyes out and being so supportive.


Lost Coast Outpost reader Adam Gunderson writes:

My name is Adam Gunderson, I am 17 and my first car was just stolen outside my house in my driveway [in the Little Pond subdivision of McKinleyville].  It is a white 1995 Acura Integra with a big dent in the right front fender.  It also has a small spoiler on the back. It has/had a white feather Hawaiian warrior helmet hanging from the rear view mirror, a Philadelphia Eagles licence plate cover in the back and a Philadelphia Eagles hat on the front dashboard.The car has a dent on the right side, from the fender to the passenger door. The license plate number is 3KDX814. The police came and took a report this morning. A picture is attached. Please post this on your website! Thank you very much!!

The California Highway Patrol took the report. Adam’s mother, Cheryl Gunderson, writes:

The car was stolen sometime during the night, between 7:00 last night and 7:00 this morning. The case number is S0042 125 14 … Also stolen, his backpack and all his schoolbooks… :( Which we’ll have to pay for now. Grrr.

Adam also forwards a better photo he found on the Internet of a different but nearly identical car: “Same wheels and everything except for the long line on the side.”

If you see the vehicle, please call the CHP dispatch number at 268-2000.

There was a camera in the car, too. The Gundersons have sent along a promotional image of the make and model, along with a snap of Adam’s badass subwoofer. 

Let’s help this kid!