Get your fingers ready, HumCo.

Frequenters of this site are aware that at times LoCO likes to mobilize Humboldt’s click capable on behalf of local folks trying to win stuff from large, traffic-hungry organizations. If someone is going to win free stuff from faceless corporations, it might as well be our neighbor, yes?

Today, we ask that the LoCO army direct their fingers to the Fine Homebuilding website in support of local architect building designer Clay Johnson of Johnson Design whose Westhaven “Long View” house is nominated for the 2014 Readers’ Choice Award. With this particular contest, it seems you have to briefly register, but then you’re eligible to win a Samsung Galaxy Tab gizmo (think less desirable iPad) which you could conceivably use to troll LoCO. So, win/win.

Anywho, help a local dude out. Click here and then vote for the “Long View” house (pictured). You will feel good about helping your, uh, person who lives close to you or something.

Go forth.


# # #

UPDATE: LoCO regrets that it did not previously comprehend that there is a distinction to be made between “architects” and “building designers.” This post has been updated to cover our dumb.