Just because he’s on vacation doesn’t mean his brain is off. The Lost Coast Outpost‘s kinetic korrespondent Duane Flatmo once again checks in from his expedition south of the border for this week’s Flatmo’d.

Captions provided by our local art hero.

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“Here’s a drawing I did of a guy I noticed out watching the Super Bowl. He had a very unique look which I embellished on of course. When I showed our local artist friend Sammy the coaster, he said instantly that he knew him as John from Canada. Sammy told me that when he was starting to paint, it was very hard to find good brushes and paints here in La Penita. John overheard him and came back the next season with new brushes and paints for him. What a great thing to do! One year we took Sammy to Puerto Vallarta to get new art supplies. Here’s the coaster (above) and a photo of Sammy (below) next to one of his pieces.”



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“I’ve been taking photos of natural abstract scenes when I see something in them. Here’s one and a re-photoshopped design I’ve done down here. 

It’s a bit like seeing faces in the clouds.”

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“Mmm, fresh coconut. Splash a little rum inside and then eat the fruit. Yes!”