If you allow local artist and kinetic hero Duane Flatmo around beer coasters for any significant period of time, he finds it hard to contain himself. Often his hand starts a-twitchin’, then a-scribblin’. Eventually the world gets a glimpse into one of Humboldt’s great noggins.

The Lost Coast Outpost is honored to maintain the following humble e-museum featuring the spirit of one of Humboldt County’s most enduring characters.



May 2020

FLATMO’D: You Can’t Be Too Careful

March 2016

Flatmo’d: Vaccinate Your Homes Early On!

January 2016

Flatmo’d: Explosion at the Shoe Store

December 2015

Flatmo’d: Plastic Sheets, a Must For Snowmen

Flatmo’d: ‘Make the Sandbox Great Again’

July 2015

Flatmo’d: Good Gastropod Genetics

Flatmo’d: The Only Way This Flag Should Be Hung

June 2015

Flatmo’d: Cro-Magnon Cloud Contemplations

May 2015

Flatmo’d: See You in Class

Flatmo’d: Now Ear This

April 2015

Flatmo’d: Heston’s Restin’

Flatmo’d: Ofertas Playeras

March 2015

Flatmo’d: ¡Vacacionase con Duane 2015!

Flatmo’d: Spot the Tool

February 2015

Flatmo’d: The Pegacyst

December 2014

Flatmo’d: Episode VII: The DUMB-Pire Talks Smack

Flatmo’d: Bum Deal

October 2014

Flatmo’d: Coaster Creeps

Flatmo’d: Pablo of the North

September 2014

Flatmo’d: New Vision

August 2014

Flatmo’d: Reggae Port-a-Party

July 2014

Flatmo’d: Video Games Abroad

Flatmo’d: Piercer’s Remorse

Flatmo’d: New Perspectives

Flatmo’d: Happy Fourth of July!

June 2014

Flatmo’d: The Other Tractor

Flatmo’d: Lesser Known Wonders of the World

Flatmo’d: A Farewell to Arms

May 2014

Flatmo’d: Down With Billboards (PLUS: Duane Chauffeurs a MythBuster)

Flatmo’d: Duane Stains

Flatmo’d: Rejects

April 2014

Flatmo’d: Text Mex

Flatmo’d: Duane’s Survival Tip

Flatmo’d: Scope It Out

March 2014

Flatmo’d: Duane’s Theory

February 2014

Flatmo’d: ¡Vacacionase con Duane Tres!

Flatmo’d: ¡Vacacionase con Duane Dos!

January 2014

Flatmo’d: ¡Vacacionase con Duane!

Flatmo’d: Home Addition

December 2013

Flatmo’d: National Cruelty to Animals Week

Flatmo’d: No Chimney, No Toys

Flatmo’d: False Tusks

Flatmo’d: Snow Smoking Section

Flatmo’d: See What He Did There?

November 2013

Flatmo’d: Anti-Terrorist Architecture

Flatmo’d: Duck, Oregon

October 2013

Flatmo’d: Play With Your Food

Flatmo’d: Protect Everything

Flatmo’d: Sharktober Surfboard Sale!

Flatmo’d: Lost Coast Brewery Massacre

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