Man arrested on Spring Street in Eureka. He is being charged with a felony DUI. (Photo by Kathleen Walthall)

Around 12:45 p.m. today, there was a pursuit on Spring Street in Eureka which, according to Eureka Police Chief Andy Mills, resulted in a minor collision. An uninvolved vehicle was struck and an innocent person was injured. Mills stated that he doesn’t have all the details at this time but the suspect was later arrested.

Readers are telling us that the person transported by ambulance was a woman who was in a vehicle that was struck. We are still gathering information and will update as soon as possible but LoCO did manage to speak to Brandon Bisignani who lives on Spring Street.

Bisignani explained that he was working at home when “there was a loud crash outside my house.  I heard the sirens immediately. I ran to my front door. All I saw was the canine unit [from the EPD] going by. I looked to my left— a crowd of neighbors were around a truck.”

The truck, Bisignani said, was small red vehicle with a man driving and a woman in the passenger seat. “The driver, Bisignani said, “got out and seemed alright… . The woman’s neck hurt so she just sat there until an ambulance got there.” He says that the woman was put into the ambulance and  presumably taken to the hospital.

Woman being put into the ambulance as law enforcement gathers evidence from the struck vehicle. (Photo by Brandon Bisignani)

Chief Mills reported that the suspect was quickly stopped and arrested for driving under the influence. Because of the injury accident, the suspect will be charged with a felony.