Fourth District Supervisor Virginia Bass kicked off her reelection campaign on the courthouse steps this afternoon, surrounded by dozens of supporters and well-wishers. (Possibly along with some non-supporters and ill-wishers, as the supervisor was later to hypothesize from the podium.)

Bass was introduced by Supervisor Rex Bohn, Eureka Mayor Frank Jager, Eureka City Councilmember Melinda Ciarabellini and former Supervisor Jimmy “Mr. Politics” Smith, the latter of whom set record levels on the Applause-O-Meter. 

“Through my efforts, as well as the efforts of the other electeds and the very dedicated staff in the different entities, we’ve made significant progress, with our collaborative efforts, in making improvements in areas such as economic development, environmental protection and public safety,” Bass said, wonkishly, when she took the podium. “In the near term, through these very same collaborations, you can expect additional creative and proactive steps toward reducing homelessness, empowering the neighborhoods and providing access to those in the community who need access without closing the businesses who provide the very jobs we need in our community.”

Without saying it directly, she also took partial credit for forcing out former Community Development Services Director Kirk Girard. The line got mass applause from the appreciative crowd.

Video follows. Sorry: Bohn got a sentence or two in before your Lost Coast Outpost got its camera got rolling.