If landing is important to you when you fly, please refer to this Humboldt County Public Works press release:

A portion of the Instrument Landing System (ILS) at the Arcata/Eureka (ACV) Airport is currently out of service. This may affect flights into ACV through Friday, February 14. The ILS, owned and operated by the Federal Aviation Administration, assists in the landing of airplanes during inclement weather. The ILS consists of three components:

  • DME: Distance measuring equipment. Tells pilots how far away they are from the airport;
  • LOC: Localizer. Horizontal guidance that allows pilots to line up with the runway centerline; and
  • Glide Slope: Provides vertical guidance into the airport.

The glide slope portion of the ILS is out of service at this time. The glide slope requirements for landing are clouds above 200 feet and runway visibility of 1/4 mile. Without the glide slope in operation these landing minimums change to clouds over 700 feet and runway visibility of 1/2 mile.

Due to the projected inclement weather the outage of the glide slope may require diversion or cancellation of incoming flights at a higher rate than normal during the next week.

The Federal Aviation Administration has a team of technicians coming to ACV next week to repair this facility and projects that it should be back in operation on February 14, 2014.