[Your Lost Coast Outpost presents another edition of Pastor Bethany, in which Catalyst pastor Bethany Cseh attempts to find light in the darkness of this week’s harrowing events.]

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I lit a candle tonight for Father Eric. I have never done that before. Lit a candle for someone. I didn’t grow up in the Catholic tradition and I guess most Protestants don’t do the lighting a candle thing. 

There is no quieter quiet than the quiet of candlelight. There is no stiller stillness than that of candlelight. Candles quiet our breath, still our thoughts, allow us to be fully present. Candles remind us that we are here. 

I lit a candle tonight for Father Eric. The firelight pierced the darkness of the room and I am reminded about how dark this world truly can be. I am reminded that we are told in scripture darkness won’t win. That darkness doesn’t have the final say. Why, then, does it feel like the darkness pulls so hard? Why, then, has the darkness crept into this place and it feels like it has made it’s home here and it feels like it’s winning?

Oh, but look! Out of the darkness shines light. Look hard and you will see goodness and light push it’s way through that crack there in the responses on the Outpost. We’ve witnessed light make it’s way into the halls of St. Bernard’s with shocked and grieving strangers holding hands, comforting each other, being the exact shoulder for the other as needed. I see it. I feel it’s warmth. I know the light is stronger. I am reminded that darkness will not win because of you. You are light. You are goodness. You are.

I lit a candle tonight for Father Eric. And his light will shine on.