Before Tanya Repair left for work, she turned the heater on in the room of her 18 month old daughter, Sophia, to make the place cozy for her coming nap.  According to Repair’s sister, Katie Norris, hours later the urgent sound of a smoke alarm sent little Sophia’s father racing upstairs. (See LoCO’s story on the fire here.)

When he opened the door, smoke poured out. He quickly grabbed the little girl and carried her to safety. Attempts were made to fight the flames, but even the rapidly summoned firefighters were unable to stop the blaze before it burned quite a bit of the second floor, where Sophia’s bedroom was situated.

According to Hailey Sicotte, a friend of the family, the fire destroyed Sophia’s room, leaving only charred remnants including parts of the crib, shown below.

Firefighters believe that the heater malfunctioned, but whatever the cause, the family needs a new home. They are hoping to find a large apartment in the Eureka area, where both Sophia’s parents work.

When word went out over social media about the situation, within hours the little girl, who had lost all her possessions in the fire, had a crib, new clothes, diapers, etc. Hailey Sicotte set up a fundraiser to help with the move and a deposit on a new place.

Katie Norris, aunt to Sophia, says that the family wants to thank everyone who offered their homes, sent clothing, and provided a crib. “Everyone has given a lot,” Norris said. “The community has really pulled together on this and we are extremely thankful. It is amazing how much people are donating.”

As for Sophia herself? She went to the doctor’s yesterday to see if she had been harmed by the smoke and got a clean bill of health!