Each year, the local academic excellence-promoting Rising Stars Foundation invites Humboldt County students, ranging from 4th grade through high school, to flex their brains at the weeklong Doris Niles Science Fair up at Humboldt State. Yay, science!

This year’s fair saw a 20% participation increase over last year, attracting near 375 kids from Orleans to Whitethorn. What kind of groundbreaking work are Humboldt’s young minds tackling? One notable project was titled “Does a Dog’s Mouth Smell Worse Than a Person’s?” Look out, Neil DeGrasse Tyson!

Local filmmaker Ben Bettenhausen of Mahalo Video pointed his lens at the fair’s young scientists, as well as their teachers, and files this beautifully shot video summary. 

“I really appreciate organizations like the Rising Stars and the HCOE for their efforts to improve the educational opportunities for our local children,” Bettenhausen tells LoCO. “I feel honored to be able to contribute to that endeavor.”

Now, be inspired by the sights of local young people getting awards ‘cuz their brains work well.