Here’s the latest post in our “Be On the Lookout” series, where we highlight stolen items and ask you to help by reporting any sighting to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

A 17” silver MacBook Pro was snatched yesterday from a car on Crescent Way in Arcata.

“This computer holds every single picture I’ve ever captured of my three year old son,” explained the victim of yesterday’s smash and grab, Jaimie Herron.

She explained that according to surveillance footage taken near her work yesterday morning, “at 9:15 the white car drove by my car, stopped and then turned around in the parking lot. It came by a second time, and kept going. The third time it came by, at 9:20, it stopped. The passenger jumped out, smashed my window with what looked like a hammer, grabbed my laptop and drove off.”

Herron said that the laptop wasn’t distinctive and might be hard to identify. However, she said, “The background picture is a baby picture of my son at the beach and the computer is full of baby/toddler pictures.”

The suspect vehicle, she said, “was a newer 4 door—white maybe—Dodge or Chevy? It’s really hard to tell.”  However, the suspect, she said, “was a male with dark pony tail with a goatee.” 

Anyone with information about Herron’s loss should call the Arcata Police Department at 822-2424.

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