Image from Allen’s campaign site

Arcata environmental consultant Hezekiah Allen, whose work includes a stint as executive director of the Mattole Restoration Council, announced this morning that he is suspending his campaign to succeed Wes Chesbro as the North Coast representative in the state Assembly. 

Allen likely saw the writing on the wall, which reads “Jim Wood” in large block letters. Wood, the current mayor of Healdsburg, nabbed Chesbro’s endorsement last August and came into this election year with a war chest brimming with more than $200,000.

Allen appears to be turning his focus back to Humboldt County politics, as he showed yesterday.

Kiah, as he’s known to friends, posted the following message on his campaign website this morning:

After nearly a year of campaigning up and down the magnificent North Coast, I have been inspired to learn that so many of us share a vision of a better future. 

However, despite all of the inspiration and support, I have made a very difficult decision: I have decided to suspend my campaign.

I know that the North Coast can lead California into a new era of prosperity. We need economic development that creates good local jobs by expediting the transition to renewable energy, sustaining funding for watershed restoration, supporting family farms and ranches, and reforming taxes to prefer small businesses. I know we can end cannabis prohibition in a way that protects small farms while focusing limited law enforcement resources on environmental and violent crimes. 

Yet, I am no longer convinced that focusing all of my time, energy and resources on this campaign is the best path forward. I am going to keep working hard every day to build a better world. But—for now at least—I will do that as an activist and an advocate. 

I am incredibly honored for the support you have given me over the last year. I look forward to working with every single one of you to make our vision of the future a reality. 

I love you all very much! Thank you for your support.