Telling your close friends and family you are with child can be an exciting experience, for sure. So why not fool your buddies into allowing you to capture that OMG moment on video for the whole Internet to enjoy? Gold!

This is the strategy one-time Humboldt couple Kat and Kris Camilli wisely opted for when announcing that they are expecting an addition to their family in May of next year. And it seems they pulled it off deftly. The video, which you can gawk at above, has navigated tried and true viral video channels this morning all the way to the front page of Buzzfeed as well as The Telegraph in the UK, The Huffington Post, New York Daily News and ABC News.

Kat and Kris were married in Humboldt County in 2009 after many years behind the Redwood Curtain and currently reside in San Francisco.