Feel Good

Remember That Cute Baby Deer Rescued From the Carr Fire? It was Just Released Back Into the Wild

(VIDEO) Local Couple Sails Nonstop Across the Pacific Ocean From Humboldt Bay to Hawaiian Island of Kauai for One-of-a-Kind Vacation

Celebrity Chef and Humboldt Native Guy Fieri Brings Flavortown to Victims of Sonoma County Fires

(UPDATE) Badly Singed Kitty, Sheltering Beneath Car and Surrounded by Burnt Homes, Rescued by Sonoma County Cops

Eureka Parks and Recreation Hasn’t Received Enough Donations for Its Annual Halloween Costume Drive

Aspiring Young Firefighter Given Ride to School in Humboldt Bay Fire Engine After Mother Experiences Medical Emergency During Morning Commute

Basset Hound Mailbox, Gifted by Mack Homeowner’s Late Husband, Fixed by Sheriff’s Deputies After Yesterday’s Car Chase Ended Abruptly in Their Yard

(VIDEO) Eel River Bouncy House: Seattle Magician Returns to Southern Humboldt Home to Live Out Childhood Dream

(VIDEO) Four Puppies Sealed in Box and Dumped Under Garberville Bridge During 100-Degree Heat Wave

Pilot Makes Emergency Landing on Highway 101 in Ukiah After Engine Fails Mid-Flight

FREE TACO BELL! The NBA Champion Golden State Warriors Have Earned Us All Free Tacos Today

Kids Swarm the McKinleyville Shopping Center for Early Easter Plunder

DHHS: Jobs! Humboldt! Jobs! Humboldt! Here are Some Training Opportunities for Jobs, Humboldt!

(UPDATED) Scanner Audio: Redwood Sculptures Found

(VIDEO) Documentary on Tsunami Boat That Brought Together High Schools in Crescent City and Japan

93-Year-Old Woman Rescued by Fish and Wildlife Warden Moments Before Her Home is Engulfed in Flames

Eureka Author Amy Stewart is the Toast of the Literary World

Cat Miraculously Survives Fork Complex Fire, is Reunited With Owners

Westhaven’s Teen Drone Whiz Places Big at International Meet, Earns Sponsorship, Dreams of Future in Flight

Here’s Why This Long Distance Swim Race In Humboldt Bay Isn’t Crazy

A Year After Her Baby Was Left in a Hot Car, Local Woman Has Turned Her Life Around

After a Winter in Tahoe Fattening Up, Orphaned Bear Cubs Get Released Near Hoopa

Being the Change: Zoe and Emma On Untrashing Humboldt

VIDEO: Dog Left Alone in SUV Blares Horn Because Seriously, People, WTF?

Neither Rain, Nor Winds, Nor Mountains Tall Can Stop Coast Guard Badasses From Saving 88-Year-Old Dinsmore Woman

“Even Though He Was Homeless, He Wouldn’t Accept The Reward”

Your Week in Ocean: #10DaysOfMPAs, MPA IPA, Coast Seafoods <3s Humboldt Baykeeper

Dronkers’ Deep Web: Kindness Sighted On Humboldt Craiglist

‘Kat’s Pregnant’: Local Couple Charm Earth with Pregnancy Announcement (VIDEO)

Sanctuary Sunday, Hikshari’ Happiness, Eureka Excellence!

Good Things Happened in Crescent City

Humboldt County Beaches, Now With Less Trash

Tim Got His Car

Local Good Guy Wins New $25,000 Car Same Day Old Car Breaks Down

Double Trouble Doubles: Local Twin Brothers Become First-Time Fathers One Day Apart at Mad River Hospital

Glean Gardens or Get Rid of Your Extra Produce to Help the Hungry

They’re Angels in My Eyes: Henry Shares a Smile and Shows His New iPad

Let’s Watch 800 Kids Form the Shape of a Pelican From the Air!

Eagle Cam: Is It HatchWatch 2014 Already?

You Will Finally Be Able To Hear KRFH

Supervisors Agree: Sending GPU to the Planning Commission Was a Mistake

Flavors of Humboldt to Be Virtually Tasted Nationwide: Local Family Bakery Featured on Guy Fieri’s Cooking Show

Humboldt School Working on Film Production

Coastal Currents: Superhero Edition (AUDIO)

And Your 2013 NorCAN Nonprofit Leader Achievement Award Winners Are …

Eureka Church’s Chicken Now Offering Free 20-Piece With Purchase of Minivan

Kids and Lemonade—Sweet Stories of Success