Save water and money. Did you get yours?

From the County of Humboldt:

The Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office has received 400 drought tool kits from The Home Depot to help low-income California households conserve our limited water resources during the statewide drought emergency. Each kit contains a low-flow shower head, faucet aerators, a garden hose nozzle with shutoff valve, toilet leak detectors, and a shower timer, in a five gallon bucket.

The kits, valued at $25 each, are being distributed to residents of Rio Dell, Garberville, and other local households impacted by water shortages.

Roughly 100 of the kits will be distributed by Food for People. In addition, thousands more kits were donated by the same company and distributed to area tribal communities by the Hoopa Valley Tribe.

Due to limited County resources, the pick-up, storage, and distribution of the drought tool kits was made possible by local and state partners who donated their services and resources, including: the Governor’s Office of Planning and Research; Randy Jones Trucking; Hilfiker Pipe Company; Food for People; and staff at the Crescent City Home Depot.

While most residents of Humboldt County have not been as affected by the drought emergency as other regions of California, many households in the County have been severely impacted, especially those on smaller water systems and wells. Drought conditions may unfortunately continue into 2015, and the winter months are a good time to prepare for potential drought conditions next spring and summer.

For more information about how to conserve water in your home and business, and to prepare for continuing drought conditions during the rainy winter months, visit

For more information, contact:
Sean Quincey, Public Information Specialist