A cameraman with North Coast News perfects the shot

LoCO is calling it: Slow news day, everyone! Yay!

Eureka Police, Humboldt Bay Fire and other emergency personnel as well as every media outlet within earshot of a scanner rushed the marshy area at the foot of Y Street in Eureka. Why for? A call had come in from someone at Blue Ox Millworks that a car was submerged in the bay.

Well, not so much, turns out. 

Yes, there is a green Suburu stuck in the mud but, at this point, Eureka Police at the scene didn’t even think it warranted action on their part.

“We don’t know if the vehicle is abandoned or if someone is coming back to get it unstuck,” EPD officer Greg Hill told LoCO. Hill noted that the car had not been stolen and was not close enough to pose a risk of leaking fluids into the bay.

We’ll give it 24 hours then send down an abatement officer,” Hill said.

So, in the event this is your rig, you should maybe come get it. You might get a ticket soon.