With a click of the arrow above. much of the beauty of Humboldt—compressed and collapsed into less than five minutes—flows across the screen. (The starry skies in the last half of the video are particularly vivid.)

Photographer/videographer Ryan Johnson  began working on this project about six months ago. He believes he took over 10,000 photos in his effort to reproduce his vision of Humboldt.

“This magical land has captured my heart for 13 years now,” he wrote. Johnson describes “hours under the stars in the forest by myself with nothing other than forests residents and the distant call of coyotes and buoys to keep me company.”

Johnson wants to encourage people to experience Humboldt for themselves. “I hope if nothing else this inspires anyone who sees it to get outside, hike, seek solitude under the twinkle of the night sky, anything to find respite from this…crazy and hectic life we all lead.” 

Did Johnson photograph your favorite view of Humboldt? If not, what sight did he miss?