If you’re in the habit of getting your Lynyrd Skynyrd fix on KWPT The Point, for the past few months you’ve undoubtedly been in inundated with promos for The Kreating CARma Giveaway, a contest which asked Humboldters to nominate a local do gooder for a $25,000 credit toward a new car of their choice. 

Well, last week CARma was delivered. And just in time, we might add. 

First, let’s meet a good guy. Earlier this year, standup paddle boarder and standup guy Tim Haywood helped found the PacOut Green Team, a group “dedicated to keeping the places where we play free of litter and debris.” Each week, the team picks a different Humboldt location and spends a an hour picking up trash. Further explanation of Tim and the team’s exploits in the video below: 

Solid dude, you’ll agree? The kind of guy that is deserving of some good CARma, no? Hmm!

The following was posted last week to said solid dude’s Facebook page:  

Humbled and grateful tonight after a couple of stressful days of the usual grind plus a car breakdown this morning on the way to work. I got back from lunch after trying to rescue my Volvo from the side of the road without success and next thing I know I get a phone call informing me of my good fortune in being chosen as the winner for the Kreations Auto Body Good Car-ma give away. WOW! I don’t think I’ll sleep a wink tonight!

Boom! Tim won a car! Congrats and screw that Volvo!

Listen to Haywood receive the aforementioned good news phone call from contest creator and Kreations AutoBody owner Kevin Bradley and The Point’s DJ Carole Ann Morgal below:

(Audio) WINNER!