It is LoCO tradition to acknowledge each and every instance of outside media discovering and rediscovering Humboldt County, the travel destination. It is our theory that locals most invested in this community are marginally to rabidly obsessed with how outsiders might be framing us in their noggins since, hey, depending on the coverage, those upper-middle-class nature-seekers might want to drive big, cartoon sacks of money our way, right? Anything is possible.  

In past said write ups, requisite mentions of our natural beauty are common. Sometimes we come off sexy and permissive. Other times progressive and hippie-ish. Sadly, we’ve even been made to appear totally lame.

Moving on. Today’s “Have you heard of Humboldt?” submission comes to us courtesy Paste Magazine, long known for its fine coverage of pretty pretty arts and culture.

We gotta say, if you’re looking for a good summation of Humboldt that includes appreciation for everything from our “pristine paradise” outdoors, to our “character-oozing” cities, to (gasp!) even our ganja — not often given a hat tip by uptight travel writer types — the check out “Checklist: Humboldt County, California.” That’ll put some heads in beds, as the hotel cheerleading crowd like to say. And it’s all presented in the always-digestible list format with nice photos and SEO-boosting links.

Ahhh. That does our hearts good, Paste. Slip past our Redwood Curtain anytime. Bring your friends. And buy something. 

READ: Checklist: Humboldt County, California

Venture beyond the “redwood curtain” to the natural sights of California’s Humboldt County.

Posted by Paste Magazine on Wednesday, December 9, 2015