Aha! It seems you searched the depths of your soul with regards to our headline query and came back with the only one true answer: “YES.” Hey, LoCO thinks you made a good call here. This will only take a minute and, by the time the clip concludes, we will have experienced something collectively as a community we can later gab about over ciders at The Siren’s Song Tavern. 

“Remember that big ass tree that fell down?” Yes. We all do.

Ooo, that felt good. Let us take a moment and bask in the gravity of this moment. Nice. 

Now, why did that tree have to come down, you ask? Well Coastal Tree Service crew members told LoCO that today’s felling was being done in advance of upcoming work on Eureka City Hall’s parking lot. The roots of the tree above and two more slated to timber Tuesday were pushing up creating a ripply asphalt experience. No es bueno. Trees had to go. 

Anyway, feel free to watch that tree falling down as many times as you want (we don’t mind), and if you’re around to take a video when either of the other two trees come crashing down to earth, feel free to send it our way. Regardless of what happens in the future, LoCO is just happy we got to bond a little bit. Ciao.