Hardly News

Humboldt Sheriff’s Office Announces Addition of 17 Li’l Pigs

(VIDEO) Mike Huckabee Thinks Ferndale is His Kind of Town, Makes Weird Joke About It

Yes, Arcata is a Bit Smoky Today

Old Town Tree Down

(VIDEO) Someone Wrote a Theme Song for the HUMBOLDT PAWS CAUSE and Reminded Us That the Internet Can Be OK

Bill Murray Had Some Halibut in Eureka, OK?

It’s a Beautiful Day Out, So the Navy Decided to Practice Landing Planes

Is This Your Bunny?

You Had One Jah(b), Reggae Signmaker

Congressman Huffman Joins the Internet in Scrambling to Define ‘Covfefe’

Double Sunbow All the Way Across the Sky

(PHOTOS) Giant Brawl Erupts on Arcata Plaza (With Pillows)

Hollywood Blocked Off Wabash Today So a Couple of Actors Could Grind on the Hood of a Car

Oh! It Seems We Can Now Finally Talk About The Movie Filming in Humboldt

How Long Until We Go To Ukiah’s Now-Open In-N-Out Burger?

(VIDEO) The Latest Call of Duty® Game Takes Place in a Zombie-Plagued Rave in the Redwoods

(PHOTOS) Catch a Falling Star

(PHOTO) Outpost Reporter Totally Embarrasses Himself With Actor Jemaine Clement

(PHOTOS) Humboldt is Currently Collecting its Craig Robinson Selfies

Busted News Day: a Punk Pit Bull and a Pot-Bellied Pig

Who’s Enjoying Our Redwoods Now? It’s Hall of Fame Football Coach Tony Dungy!

Da Huff Could Not Resist

HI, GUY!: Humboldt’s Favorite Frosty-Tipped Native Son Rolls Into Town, Hikes, Buys a Shirt

Stuffed Mountain Lion Stolen From a Hoopa Dump is Returned After Suspect Learns It’s Not Garbage

Ellen DeGeneres Reads Old Humboldt News on National Television

(VIDEO) Who Let That Damn GEICO Gecko Near Our Majestic Redwoods?

Ooo! Does This Qualify as Humboldt Parkour? (VIDEOS)

(UPDATING! LIVE VIDEO!) LoCO is Going to Try to Get Into This Redding Donald Trump Rally

Wait Long Enough and a Roving Arcata Cow Herd Will Mow That Lawn For You

(PHOTOS) Guerrilla Eureka Signsmith Formally Recognizes Old Town’s Emasculated Phallic Foliage

Incoming HSU Students, Your Housing Problems are No More*

(VIDEO) Humboldt Ex-Couple Subject Themselves to Judge Judy’s Wrath In Case of Missing RV/Burned Clothing, Receive Nothing

That Band That Had That Song a Few Years Ago That Went ‘WHEEP, whoop whoop, WHEEP’ Drove Through Redwoods on Their Day Off

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: LoCO Got a Letter From Someone in Zürich Named ‘Feduardo’

(VIDEO) This 12-Year-Old Eurekan Irish Step Dancing on a Redwood Stump Needs Your Vote

Let’s List Everyone in Humboldt Making Funny This April Fool’s Day (UPDATING, MAYBE)

Myrtletown: Where a Turkey Will Occasionally Get Stuck in a Garage

(VIDEO) HUMBOLDT #TBT: Remember When The Tonight Show Sent Tom Green to Eureka?

Yo, Students! Check This First Day of School Deal in HSU’s Bookstore!

(UPDATE) Wanna Win Tonight’s Powerball Jackpot, Humboldt? Here’s Where to Buy Your Ticket!

SLOW NEWS DAY: WinCo Shopping Cart Putting

BREAKING: A Rainbow for Humboldt (PHOTO)

Does McKinleyville Even Exist? Like at All?

A Humboldt Christmas Poem or: Sara Bareilles Returns Home, Keeps it Real For the Holidays

(VIDEO) U-Haul Driver Attempts McDonald’s Drive-Thru, Hits Sign and Roof

(VIDEO) Wanna See a Big Ass Tree Fall Down in the Eureka City Hall Parking Lot?

SLOW NEWS DAY: This is Our Favorite 3rd Grade Drawing of the Arcata Police Chief as a Reindeer

(PHOTO) Man Puts Wheels on Jet Ski, Rides to Swains Flat Store

Can This Eureka Kid’s ‘Easy Spanish Rice’ Win a Local School a $30k Cafeteria Makeover? Your Vote Decides

(PHOTOS) Old Town Baristas Rock Bikinis in the Hopes of Helping Humboldt’s Hungry