The Redway sewer line impacted by a landslide and threatening to spill into the Eel River has been stabilized. Customers in that area may return to normal usage.  Redway Community Services District (RCSD) sent out the following press release:

Redway Community Services District would like to let our customers know that the sewer main has been stabilized and they may return to normal use of our services.

We are very grateful to all of the following for their assistance: State Parks, Fish and Wildlife, Office of Emergency Services, John Neill, LACO Engineering, and Estelle Fennell.

Redway School for installing portable toilets for the children to use at this time.

All of our Customers for conserving water and keeping as much out of the sewer line as possible.

We would also like to thank: Redheaded Blackbelt, Lost Coast Outpost, KMUD and all other media for their quick reporting to get the word out to everyone in our community.

Many Thanks,

RCSD Board and Staff

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