UPDATE 2:16 p.m.:A woman who witnessed the possible meteor described coming into Ferndale and seeing a bright light going fast and low along the hill line. She said it was headed east to west and appeared to disappear over the ocean. She said she saw it for four or five seconds —a bright light with a tail on it that dissolved in a “poof of smoke.”

If you’ve witnessed this event, you can report it here.


Original post:

The Lost Coast Outpost received a report of a “meteor that…streaked east to west over bear river ridge” about quarter to 1 p.m. For fun we searched to see if there were any other reports. To our surprise, we discovered a report in the the Sonoma County Press Democrat. It said, 

… emergency dispatchers have received multiple reports of an object falling from the sky and crashing in a field west of Valley Ford.

The first reporting party, who called dispatchers around 1 p.m. Saturday, said they had seen what looked like an airplane crash west of Valley Ford Road. At least two other callers reported seeing a bright flash of light and said what fell may have been a meteor, dispatchers said.

Units from Valley Ford Fire, Bodega Bay Fire, Gold Ridge Fire and the Sonoma County Sheriff’s helicopter, Henry 1, were dispatched by have not yet located the object.

Our local emergency dispatch center did not receive any reports. But, the US National Weather Service out of Eureka said they had gotten a report around 11:30 a.m. of something bright in the sky over Humboldt Hill but nothing around 1 p.m.

We’re curious. Did any of you see something odd?


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