The stolen 2005 gold GMC Yukon which evaded multiple law enforcement agencies early yesterday morning was discovered abandoned in an alley off the 2100 block of Glen Street in Eureka yesterday morning. (See earlier story here.)

The vehicle which had been stolen out of Lancaster in October was seen speeding about 2:40 a.m on January 5 by a Rio Dell officer. The officer attempted to pull over the vehicle but the driver refused to yield. A search of the license plate number informed the officer that the vehicle was stolen. A pursuit that reached speeds of 100 mph and involved at least three law enforcement agencies was initiated. Eventually, the driver managed to evade pursuit.

After receiving word about the abandoned Yukon, Eureka Police responded to the scene about 10 a.m. yesterday. Brittany Powell, a spokesperson for the department, said, “The vehicle] was towed and the registered owners have been notified.”

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