This is not one of the lions seen on Redwood Creek Trail.

A pair of mountain lions stalked a couple for several hours as they camped about five miles into the Redwood Creek Trail in Orick Tuesday night.

Redwood National and State Parks Wildlife Biologist Kristin Schmidt said despite the couple’s attempts to frighten the lions by screaming and waving their arms, the predators continued to close in on their campsite.

After nearly two hours, another couple camping nearby responded to their cries and likely created a large enough presence to scare off the lurking cats, according to Schmidt.

“Mountain lions aren’t really common anywhere at any time, but we certainly know that we have a fair number of lions in the park,” Schmidt said. “Most likely they’re out there not being observed because they are quiet and hide themselves.”

Schmidt said the couple did not return her calls seeking further information, but she did receive an eyewitness account from the second pair that arrived on scene.

The park has not issued any search for the cats and there have been no additional sightings in the area. Information has been posted at nearby trailheads and visitor centers.