Sand, man! You better believe Humboldt played at the beach Saturday during Friends of the Dunes’ 20th annual Sand Sculpture Festival. Like any rational human would, your Lost Coast Outpost chose to spend this sublime summer day looking at carefully shaped, wetted sand art.

In case you care, our favorite entries were the sculptures of Fernbridge, famous luck dragon Falcor and, of course, the bison constructed by “Team Owen,” a crew assembled to honor local 10-year-old Owen Greacen who recently passed away. 

LoCO is pretty sure we took photos of every sculpture, but if we didn’t rest assured you’ll be able to find them all later on Friends of the Dunes website where local every-kind-of-artist Steven Vander Meer curates an impressive archive of photos of sculptures from year’s past.

Note: We left before the winners were announced so we could hustle these photos online, so if someone at FOD wants to email us later with this year’s list of awards that would be swell.

UPDATE: And, as promised, here are the winners:

  • Golden Shovel Award: Wildberries
  • People’s Choice Award: Team Owen
  • Best of Show: Falcor Cold Medinas
  • Most Imaginative: Team Invertebabes
  • Most Dedicated Diggers: iGanadores
  • Best Youth Sculpture: Strawberry Pancake 

Photos, now.

The Neverending Sculpture by Falcor Cold Medinas

Fernbridge by LACO



(A crab crawled out of Fernbridge)

Team Owen’s Bison

OctoScoop by Arcata Scoop

Croctopus by Team Craghead

Sasquatch on the Beach by Arcata Sunrise Rotary

Northcoast Environmental Center

City Ambulance Eureka

Lion Octopus by Eureka Natural Foods

Mr. Potatohead by The Jokers

Poseidon’s Bungalow by Atlas Engineering

Octo by Wildberries

Humboldt Crabs (It’s a mitt)

It’s Tax Time by Hunter, Hunter and Hunt


Team Invertebabes

River Otter Chasing Lunch by Stillwater Sciences

“Strawberry Pancake”

School of Funky Fish by Redwood Coast Montessori

No idea

Belly Fish by Humboldt Doulas

Team Mayhem