Image courtesy Humboldt State University.

The Internet is about half lists by now, and we at LoCO have been happy to report even the more strange and dubious among them, so long as they mention Humboldt in some way. But here’s one that will make any HSU student or alum nod her or his head approvingly and say, “Aw, hell yeah.”

The website Great Value Colleges has ranked Humboldt State University No. 1 on its list of great small colleges for nature lovers, which is 100 percent justified. The blurb on HSU mentions the school’s nationally renowned science and natural resources programs as well as the nearby beaches, mountains and Redwood National Forest. 

Want more?

The nature-related education opportunities are endless and include certifications in swiftwater rescue, wilderness first response and wildfire management, as well as study with the world’s foremost expert on redwood trees and leading experts in sustainable energy systems.

Of course, many people come to Humboldt and wind up loving the local nature so much they choose to stick around. And once in a while they find themselves typing on the computer or browsing the web on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon and suddenly think, “What the hell am I doing? I should be outside!”

What the hell am I doing? I should be outside!

Well done, HSU.