Photos: Andrew Goff.

Just in time for Veteran’s Day — the phenomenon of locals and tourists strolling the Boardwalk and thinking about things other than our nation’s military readiness are about to come to a close.

This morning, city workers parked their truck, cranked up the volume on the Rush Limbaugh program and started trimming trees so that the new, permanent “hometown hero” banners — which recognize local members of the armed forces and will soon festoon the length of the Boardwalk — will be more visible.

With the new banners, Eureka joins a rapidly growing number of cities and town across the United States — Yucaipa, Virginia City, Fortuna, etc. — in celebrating their active service and/or veteran citizenry through the display of heraldry in public places. The first few of these banners now hang along the foot of F Street; eventually, 60 will be placed on poles at various points along the Boardwalk.

The banners are being financed by the local Masonic Lodge and military family member Dale Maples (see above). They were approved on June 16 by a 3-2 vote of the Eureka City Council — councilmembers Bergel and Brady dissenting — and will replace, in part, the nature- and local history-themed art currently hanging from Boardwalk streetlights.

Miles Slattery, the city’s director of parks and recreation, tells the Outpost that unlike in some cities, the new banners will honor active-service Eureka citizens only. When someone leaves the military, the banner honoring that person will be cycled out. Slattery said that his department will put up new banners as soon as the Masonic Lodge delivers them.

Your move, Arcata.

Press release from the city of Eureka announcing the military incursion into the Boardwalk — and a special event tomorrow, Veteran’s Day — below. More pictures after that.

The City of Eureka is joining with Humboldt Masonic Lodge No. 79 and Dale Maples to install banners along the Eureka Waterfront. The banners will honor our local service men and women who are serving their country. The banners will hang on the city-owned light poles along the boardwalk starting at the foot of F Street, and will display a photo and the military branch affiliation of the men and  women currently in the service. City staff have installed the first banners and on Wednesday morning at 10 AM at the foot of F Street there will be a recognition of those served. Come join us to honor these men and women and their families.

Current, non-military banners along the F Street corridor, may be among those slated for replacement.