Meet @RedPandaMasala

The search for Masala, the Sequoia Park Zoo’s escaped Red Panda, entered its third day Saturday with dozens of Humboldtians fanning out from the zoo this morning in the hopes of spotting some red fuzz. So far, no luck.  

In the meantime, a good-natured soul with internet access is attempting to bring a pinch of levity to this whole hairy ordeal by engaging in the time-tested, perhaps worn out tradition of setting up a fake Twitter account for someone quasi-famous. Twitter user @RedPandaMasala claims to be “Living the dream in Eureka, California” and “Likes: long walks and low fences” and “she” is tweeting about her experiences in the big, scary world!

[UPDATE: A second, but apparently “first” fake Masala Twitter account has reached out to let us know they exist. In the interest of fairness, please devote equal attention to @masalaredpanda. Sheesh.] 

Descriptions of some of “Masala”’s walkabout exploits would seem to reveal this as someone local (who else would crack Safeway parking lot yuks?):

Oh, Internet. You have so much free time.