So I did it! Had the colonoscopy procedure yesterday. I turn 58 a week from today, so I am officially 8 years late on this procedure. Why? Good question. I have had a myriad of excuses but really, it was mostly procrastination. Anyway, yesterday I finally did it, and I am glad I did. Mainly because while they were poking around in my colon, they found a polyp. They described it as “pre-cancerous.” They removed it. That’s kind of scary, right? Left alone it could have turned cancerous. Considering how preventable colon cancer is, I kind of felt like a moron waiting so long to have this simple procedure done.

So how bad is the whole thing? The procedure is nothing. I have no memory of it. I described it on facebook as, “It was like an alien probe, I know it was done but I remember nothing.” The worse part is the prep. You can’t eat anything for a full day prior to the event. You are allowed clear liquids (that also include coffee, but without cream or creamer). Then two rounds of this liquid that cleans you out very effectively. It tastes nasty and you wind up spending an hour or 2 on the toilet. 

I had my procedure at Mad River Hospital. My Nurse, Julia is pictured above. Everyone was very nice, and it was as pleasant as a few hours in the Hospital can be. I have also included a couple of pictures of my colon. I know, TMI!!! But at the risk of grossing you out, here it is. On the right is the polyp that they removed. It’s hard to believe that a little blob of skin like that can kill you. You will be happy to know that having a polyp removed doesn’t hurt at all. I had it done yesterday, I feel fine today. No pain at all. I will be doing this again in 5 years. I will not be putting it off. For any of you who are over 50 and have not done this yet. I have only one thing to say: J.F.D.I.!