It’s Wednesday! Which means a new edition of the North Coast Journal is creeping into news racks Humboldt-wide, you lucky readers. And this is a big one!

If you braved the raindrops to pick up the paper you already know that, this week, the NCJ is acknowledging 25 years of wordifying local politics, people and art. Print! To celebrate, they rolled out a commemorative cover featuring a collage of people who have been very important locally for at least some portion of the last two-and-a-half decades. Now, we here at the Outpost — mostly former Journalistas, fwiw — consider ourselves to be fairly in the Humknow, but even we were stumped by a few of the faces in the crowd. So we flipped inside in hopes of finding a key with which to educate ourselves.

D’oh! Keyless. Really? C’mon! 

And so, to help out our NCJ family, LoCO put its heads together and constructed a helpful guide to help you better know when you run into powerful people at HealthSPORT. (We guessed on some of ‘em.) Happy birthday, Journal!

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