LoCO lookers asked for more photos, less words, and who are we if not the accommodating sort? Here you go, friends.

Let’s start off by congratulating LoCO Superfriend M. Sid Kelly for noticing this beauty:

Hopkins rose nudibranch

Speaking of beauty, friend of LoCO and College of the Redwoods ocean prof Danny O’Shea sent along this pretty shot of a mola mola about a mile outside the Humboldt Bay entrance yesterday from HSU’s research vessel the Coral Sea:

Mola mola by Danny O’Shea

Speaking of the Coral Sea, Humboldt State Now has a fascinating story about the boat’s history:

It’s been held captive in a foreign port, served as the headquarters for drug smugglers and brought back sunken treasure from the Bahamas. For a while, it was also the home of Mac, the Diving Dog… .

Juicy, right? Full story here.

HSU research vessel the Coral Sea courtesy humboldt.edu

Speaking of boats, have you toured around Humboldt Bay on the Madaket this season? So much fun.

Madaket by Jennifer Savage

Going back to mola molas for a moment moment, here’s a dead one that washed up near the North Jetty, courtesy Friend of LoCO Bill Lydgate:

Mola mola by Bill Lydgate

Let’s revisit this adorableness from Friend of LoCO Andrew Goff:

Molting elephant seal by Andrew Goff

Back to Adventures You Can Experience in Humboldt, have you been to the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary lately? So soothing. 

Heron at the Arcata Marsh and Wildlife Sanctuary by Jennifer Savage

Someone remind me what kind of birds these are. By Jennifer Savage

Did we talk about the moon jellies in Humboldt Bay already?

Moon jelly by Jennifer Savage

Hey, speaking of Humboldt Bay, please check out the spiffy new Marine Protected Area interpretive panel at Eureka’s Public Marina:

Coastal Treasures! By Jennifer Savage

Speaking of boats, let’s take a moment to appreciate Trinidad Harbor and Pier:

Trinidad Pier by Jennifer Savage

As long as we’re in Trinidad, seems like a fine time to mention that Trinidad regular, Pacific Outfitters guide and leader of the Out of Sight, Out of Mind (OSOM) team Jason Self is the guest presenter for this month’s Explore North Coast program on Monday, Sept. 14 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center.

Jason’s presentation will feature the first public screening of OSOM’s documentary film Search for the Perfect Day. OSOM is a team of three sea kayakers with the goal of inspiring and motivating paddlers to pick up trash and litter when they find it. The Search for the Perfect Day takes the OSOM mission to the next level, attempting to address the root cause of the problem of litter: A disconnect between modern society and the natural world. 

Jason has devoted his life to sharing his love of the water with others. As a professional sea kayak coach and guide since 2007, he has introduced thousands of people to the sport, as well as coached them through their development. 

Jason Self courtesy Explore North Coast

Speaking of litter, join PacOut Green Team for an hour on Saturdays, and don’t forget the big event – Coastal Cleanup Day – is coming up on Saturday, Sept. 19. (Thanks to LoCO for sponsoring! Yeah!)

Also, ewww:

When someone’s littered Dutch Bros. drink spills on your foot when you’re trying to clean up the someone else’s mess they left on the beach. By Jennifer Savage

Finally, Paddlefest is happening this Saturday, Sept. 12 at the HSU Aquatic Center – a great opportunity to get out on the bay for free in a variety of ways. Tune in to Coastal Currents on KHUM 104.7 FM/khum.com at 2:30 p.m. when HSU Center Activities Assistant Director Bridget Hand shares the wonder that will be Paddlefest 2015. While you’re waiting to get on the water, enjoy these highlights from last year: