Photos provided by the Gasquet Volunteer Fire Department.

An overturned big rig shut down two-way traffic on Highway 199 near the California-Oregon border for roughly an hour this morning, as firefighters attempted to clear the truck’s heavy payload off the road.

Gasquet Volunteer Fire Chief Nick Karanopoulos told the Outpost via a phone interview that the single-vehicle accident occurred around 4:30 a.m. near Green Gate Road.

“The logs were covering the whole road,” Karanopoulos said. “A local resident actually brought in a little tractor, and was able to push them out of the way enough so we could open up one-way traffic.”

An ambulance was dispatched to the scene, but Karanopoulos said the driver refused medical treatment despite suffering minor to moderate injuries.

One-way traffic was controlled in the area for roughly four hours while Caltrans worked to clear the roadway.

Two-way traffic was reopened around 9 a.m. Aside from a few scrapes, the crash did not cause any serious structural damage to the highway.