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The Christmas season has arrived and Jacoby’s Storehouse in Arcata has gone all-out on Christmas decorations for another year.

Storehouse owner Bill Chino has been involved with the elaborate Christmas setup for more 20 years, but for the past 10 he’s taken great pride in making the Christmas tree his personal project. He spent 30 hours on this one.

The lavish tree is covered in ornaments and waves of ribbon and may have some artificial snow, but it’s the real deal — an estimated 700-pound Silvertip that stands over 24’ tall.

In this LoCO Video Report Chino explains how and where they acquired the tree and why he continues to keep this tradition alive. 

On Friday December 2, the Christmas event ‘A Season of Wonder of Light’ will kick off in downtown Arcata at 5 p.m. and Santa will arrive at 6. 

Mr. Claus will then spend every Saturday and Sunday through the 18th at the Storehouse, where you can visit him for free.