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In this day and age people aren’t just smoking joints and taking bong rips. They’re getting high of what’s called “dabs,” smoking vape pens or just eating edibles, all made from various cannabis concentrates. Now with legalization experts say the demand for this secondary product is only going to go up, and that means, it’s got to be made.

In this LoCO Video Report we talk with the Eureka branch of the California-based company BHOGART, which sells industrial extraction equipment, to learn about this interesting industry.

“Getting the extract out of the plant efficiently is a science and we’re trying to stay on the cutting edge of that science and pioneering new techniques and developing tools to get that product out,” said Eric Bondi, BHOGART Branch Manager.

We go in depth about the different ways cannabis oil is typically extracted and what happens when the operations go kaboom. Humboldt Bay Fire shares some horror stories of hash labs gone wrong and their experiences of dealing with the aftermath.