Families flocked to the Jambalaya for the “Increase the Peace” event on Valentine’s Day. “Object Heavy” started the event for the rousing set of music. Then after a break, they returned to the stage, this time with Courtney Weaver. Weaver of course made headlines in 2010 after surviving a brutal attack by her then fiancé, who shot her in the face at point blank range. After numerous reconstructive surgeries, Courtney is not only back on the stage, but writing songs and being more positive than ever. She has become a tireless spokesperson in the cause of domestic violence prevention.

Courtney Weaver now lives in Seattle Washington but made a special trip back to Humboldt county for this event. Courtney did several rousing sets of her own original music, beautiful blues covers, and an amazing personalized rendition of the song “I’d rather go blind.” One of the more touching moments of the show is when she asked the children in the crowd to join her on stage to help her sing.

It wasn’t till the end of the show when I noticed the bracelet Courtney was wearing. It’s a thick leather band sporting a ring of hollow-point 45 caliber bullets. One is missing, a poignant reminder of the bullet the ripped through her. Kudos to Pete’s Ciotti and the Jambalaya for donating all the proceeds from this event to the stop the violence fund, managed by Humboldt area foundation.