Yesterday morning, the security cameras at Bounce-A-Palooza — the inflatable bounce paradise for kids there in the Bayshore Mall — captured pretty good video of a burglar at work. Guy strolls in through a back door, walks over to the counter and goes to town on the business’s cash register with his pry bar.

The EPD tells us they got the call on this at around 10 a.m. yesterday. Shortly afterward, Bounce-A-Palooza’s Ava Hilton posted the security camera footage to our wall, with a warning: If someone offers you a Bounce-A-Palooza gift certificate with a child’s name on it, decline! It is likely on of the 50 such “bounce passes” taken in this heist.

Also: If you have any information that could be of help in finding this burglar, the EPD would like to hear from you: 441-4060.