The Humboldt County Animal Shelter is filled with dozens of beautiful, smart and loving dogs. But the shelter is over capacity and has already euthanized five dogs this month.

“Once we get to this state where we’re over capacity, then we start evaluating who we have here, who rescues will work with, and then work amongst each other to determine which dogs should be let go,” said Senior Animal Control Officer, Andre Hall. “It’s a very difficult decision.”

Now the shelter is at 56 dogs; some adoptable, some on the four day hold period, and some in quarantine. However it’s still over the maximum capacity by four and more dogs will inevitably come in. The shelter says overcrowding increases risk for disease, puts stress on staff, major stress on the dogs, and can cause behavior changes.

If the shelter’s dog population is not remedied, euthanasia will continue.

The shelter is relying on the community to open their hearts and homes, so these animals can live to see another day. Adoption fees have been reduced to $50 and only $35 for senior dogs.