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It was an unsavory site in downtown Eureka, with a dilapidated motel as its centerpiece. Now it’s completely transformed, and it’ll soon be a 50-unit affordable housing project for low-income seniors.

A few years back, local business Danco Communities was searching for a property in Eureka to develop permanent supportive housing for seniors. This was after their similar facility on Myrtle Avenue had been at capacity for several years. Meanwhile, the entire block on Eighth Street between E and F was consumed with the vacant Downtowner Motel. The property sat lingering for years as the owner, city officials and the community were baffled trying to find a remedy for the eyesore.

In early 2015 the City of Eureka and Danco were able to secure $8 million in funds to rehabilitate the motel into the Lodge at Eureka. Construction began October 2015, and now, one year later, the building has charm and new life, and is estimated to be complete in January 2017.

“It always feels good to take sort-of-a-bad situation and turn it around and make it something good,” said Chris Dart, Danco Communities president. “And I think a lot of people appreciate that.”

In this LoCO video report we take a tour inside the lodge and learn that demand is high for this type of housing.