This time it’s Suddenlink’s turn.

In what may be the first widespread Suddenlink Internet outage since the days of the Slasher, customers based in the Eel River Valley are reporting that their internet access is down. A lot of cell phone users in the area have been taken offline, too.

The outage seems to be affecting Ferndale, Fortuna and Rio Dell, at minimum.

A nice gentlemen at the Suddenlink Business Services emergency line tells the Outpost that a fiber-optic line was severed seven miles outside of Eureka about two hours ago, and that technicians are busy trying to fix the thing. No estimated time of restoral yet.

It should be noted that this wouldn’t be one of the main fiber-optic trunk lines that lead in and out of the county, but a local fiber cable that loops around the Valley. Suddenlink customers in Eureka seem to be having no problems.

How’s your Internet? How’s your phone?