June 2023

THIS FUCKING THREAD: Controversy Over Arcata Packaging Charges Sparks Discussion on Environmental Responsibility

April 2022

(VIDEO) Artificial Intelligence Image Generator Funded By Elon Musk Transforms Eureka’s ‘Pink Lady’ Victorian Into a Work of Modern Architecture

October 2021

North Coast News, Redding Sister Station KRCR Broadcasts Possibly Disrupted By Ransomware Attack Affecting Sinclair Stations Nationwide

(VIDEO) Humboldt County Naturalist ‘Griff’ Takes His Dance Moves to TikTok to Spread the Word About Biodiversity Loss

June 2021

(VIDEO) Funny, Informative Internet Botanist Returns to Humboldt, Discusses Native Plants and Checks Out Some Roosevelt Elk Butts

April 2021

Beloved Intertubes Botanist With a Chicago Accent Partners With Humboldt Field Guide Publisher on Streamable ‘Blue-Collar’ Lecture Series

January 2021

Humboldt Rises Up Against Weepy Instagram Traveler Who Called Arcata and Eureka ‘Horrible Disgusting Towns’

August 2020

Local Anime Lover’s Fly-Ass Whip Goes Viral on TikTok

April 2020

(VIDEO) Humboldt Has Its Very Own TikTok Celebrity! South Fork High School Grad Hopes to Spin Internet Fame Into a Successful Acting Career

February 2020

(VIDEO) The Internet is Quite Impressed By the McKinleyville Kmart’s Folding Chair Selection

June 2019

(VIDEOS) Crass Chicago Botanist Goes Viral With Informative Videos, Discusses Plant Life and Ecology in Humboldt County

(VIDEO) ‘That Weed Was Trash’: Humboldt Parody Video Goes Viral, Gets Shared By Random-Ass Celebs

August 2018

(UPDATE) AT&T Down Again, Company Says It’s Working to Fix the Problem

(UPDATE) People Are Reporting AT&T Internet Outages in Humboldt

February 2018

Where Should Arcata Put All the Weed Stores? Have an Opinion? Take the Survey!

October 2017

After Widespread Outages, AT&T Pledges $250,000 to Aid Communities Impacted by California Wildfires

June 2017

In the Wake of the Killing of David Lawson, Local Chapter of the NAACP Calls for Crackdown on Anonymous Comments

December 2016

People are Reporting AT&T Internet Outages Around Humboldt County

October 2016

Suddenlink Has Restored Service to Eel River Valley, But You May Need to Reboot Your Modem

Fiber Cut Takes Out Suddenlink Internet Services, Some Cell Phones in the Eel River Valley

Here’s Your Chance to Comment on Jefferson Public Radio’s Story About Humboldt County Comment Threads

September 2016

AT&T Releases Statement Confirming Leggett-Area Wildfire as Cause of Internet Outage

Citizens Reporting Widespread AT&T Internet Outages Around the County

May 2016

Gah! AT&T Internet Services Less Than Operational for You, Humboldt? Outage Roll Call!

February 2016

Coast Central Credit Union Website Hacked; Management ‘Confident’ Online Banking Was Not Compromised

January 2016

Suddenlink Outage Hits Eureka, Arcata, McKinleyville

December 2015

AT&T Says: Yes, Our New North Coast ‘Network Upgrade’ Will Include Emergency Access to East-West Fiber

November 2015

(VIDEO) Traveling YouTube Star Who Fled Eureka Finds Beauty, Bigfoot Sticker in Avenue of the Giants

September 2015

Yes, Facebook is Broken

COOL NEW TOOLS: The Fortuna PD Now Has the Best Transparency/Public Crime Reporting Website in the County

The Internet is Up! Cable Slasher to Blame for Yesterday’s Outage, Says AT&T

THE INTERNET IS DOWN!!! Massive AT&T Outage Takes Humboldt County Phones, Internet, Etc. Offline

May 2015

Orick Finally Gets Wired Broadband

April 2015

FROM THE LoCO MAILBAG: How the Internet Works

Project Save Guido Avenue: How a Facebook Campaign About a Mentally Unstable Neighbor Brought Peace to One Fortuna Community

February 2015

LISTEN: Eureka Citizen Leaves Voicemail, Promises Public Appearance

Eureka Citizen: Philanthropic Group or Some Dipshit in His Pajamas?

January 2015

Getting Ripped Off Via Craigslist is a Lot of Work: a LoCO Cautionary Tale

October 2014

Ack! The Suddenlink vs. Viacom War Now Hurting Humboldt’s Ability to Watch The Daily Show Online

September 2014

You Relate To This. The Struggle Is Real.

September 2013

Tom Stienstra Weed Arrest: SF Chronicle Columnist Sues Blog Over Three-Year-Old Report

June 2013

Sometimes Those ‘Click Here to Vote’ Internet Schemes Actually Pay Off

May 2013

Let’s See What Humboldt County People Are Tweeting on a Slow News Day (or Any Day)

March 2013

Viral Dance Enthusiast John Griffith Speaks

February 2013

Big Balls and Beefheart: The Guy Fieri Update

The Great KAI THE HITCHHIKER Checks in With KHUM

June 2012

‘we r ok grandma’ — Facebook Before and After the Saturday Night ‘Stabbin Cabin’ Party

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